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   Posted by Dan Wilton on 07/24/02 at 5:42 PM

Subject:   Line filters

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I've recently bought a FS4000. I'm finding it grainier in a lot of scans, and think from reading the posts here and elsewhere it could be due to my setup.

My scanner is runnning from a 4 point lead which also has my monitor, computer and printer plugged into it. I'm limited to some extent in the set up as the nearest main's point is a good 10-15 feet away from the scanner. I'm looking to buy a line filter i think, but can't seem to find one. What are the specifics i need to pay attention to and does anyone know where to get them in the UK (london). Am looking to spend as little as possible in all honesty. One other option is buy a long extension lead to plug into a seperate socket from the computer. Is this a viable option? Or will it produce more noise due to the longer extension lead?

Any advice will be most appreciated....cheers



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