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   Posted by Jeff Hunter on 07/16/02 at 9:37 PM

Subject:   Re: Dust removal between filmget and vuescan

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In Reply to: Dust removal between filmget and vuescan posted by Sunil Savkar on 07/16/02 at 6:48 AM:

Hi Sunil,

Thanks for the great point. If FilmGet is doing a sharpen before the import then that is a bad thing :)

Does anyone really know if FilmGet's dust removal is better than VueScan?

I can say that the FilmGet images look sharper out of the scanner than VueScan.


: Folks--

: For color batch scanning, up until yesterday I was using Filmget and Photoshop together for batch processing. I had filmget set simply to get the image from negatives and export to photoshop where I modify the brightness/contrast and then save the 4k scanned tiff file resulting.

: I have been using FARE in filmget and Vuescan's algorithm. Originally I thought filmget's algorithm to be "superior" until I sat down and started to think why the images out of filmget were sharper...

: If filmget is doing a post dust-removal sharpen, then I am actually not so happy with the idea of filmget. I would rather see in photoshop the softer image and do my own manipulations (sharpening) after everything else has been completed.

: I noticed that I basically can get to the same sharpened image with better color balance using vuescan. In fact, when it comes time to finalize and print, I would say the vuescan produced scan is the best because I can control sharpening and not get into a sharpen-manipulate-sharpen problem.

: What have others noted or observed related to this?

: Sunil


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