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   Posted by Jeff Hunter on 07/15/02 at 9:27 PM

Subject:   Re: VueScan

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In Reply to: VueScan posted by Jim Lewis on 07/10/02 at 9:45 PM:

Sorry, I have been out of pocket.

I believe that Vuescan uses a different method than
FilmGet. IMHO, FARE still does a better job at dust removal than Vuescan.

In short I agree with you that Vuescan bypasses FARE.
You are also correct in that I can choose either tool to scan with.


: Jeff,

: Interested in your exchange with George via SCSI and your mention of VueScan. Please post your observations when you've had a chance to compare it to FilmGet. I am interested to know whether VueScan accesses the FARE dust-removal technology, or bypasses it.

: As others on this forum have mentioned, FilmGet's ability to manipulate color balance, brightness, etc. prior to the scan is limited, and VueScan appears to address these issues.

: Of course, there should be no barrier to having both on your drive and using the appropriate tool as the need arises.


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