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   Posted by Jim Lewis on 07/10/02 at 9:34 PM

Subject:   Re: FS4000US SCSI does not work

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In Reply to: Re: FS4000US SCSI does not work posted by George Klass on 07/09/02 at 2:29 PM:


No suggestions at this point, as I'm on the road. I will check my documentation when I get back to Portland and see if I can spot anything. One thing I can tell you: using Photoshop 5 is not the issue (though I don't think you suspected that.)

Through Windows, you can directly address imaging devices through Accessories|Imaging, just to rule Photoshop out as part of the problem, but your error message "could not complete the import command because there is no scanner installed" is coming from Windows, so Imaging will not give you anything that Photoshop does not.

Just FYI, what version of Windows are you operating in?



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