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   Posted by Sunil Savkar on 07/10/02 at 2:34 PM

Subject:   FS 4000 and Scanning B&W Negatives-- techniques?

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I am starting to scan my black and white negatives (mostly tmax-100) with my canon.

I have noticed a very interesting feature when performing scans: if I scan with 14 bit B&W mode, the scans are quite good but somewhat soft.

If instead I do a full 42-bit color scan, not only do I get a pretty sepia looking scan result, but upon close inspection of the results side by side on the screen, even when converted to greyscale the color scan seems to produce a superior sharp image.

I have several questions:
(1) Anyone else notice this effect-- am I simply accidentally not performing the right function while scanning?
(2) What the preferable way to convert from color to grayscale in PS? I just do the mode conversion. Any reason to do something different?

I have yet to print out any of the images to compare how they look in final result, but I will report that back soon. I am currently using EPSON inks with a 1200 but will start converting to use generations for my color and possibly piezo for B&W.



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