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   Posted by Jeff Hunter on 07/10/02 at 8:46 AM

Subject:   Re: FS4000US SCSI does not work

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In Reply to: Re: FS4000US SCSI does not work posted by George on 07/09/02 at 2:32 PM:

Hi George,

I went out yesterday and bought a SCSI II card for my scanner. I was able to use the scanner with Vuescan but I did not try FilmGet.

The scanner is the only device on the card so I left the SCSI ID at the default of 2. At first I did not know about the switch on the bottom to switch from USB to SCSI :). After I flipped the switch, it worked great.

One thing I noticed in your post below, If the HP is the terminating device make sure you set the SCSI ID on the FS4000US to 8 or above. The FS4000US uses a internal terminator. If you use a SCSI ID from 0 to 7 the FS4000US turns the internal SCSI terminator on. If you use 8 or above the SCSI terminator is turned off.
Also, please make sure that the terminating device is the last device in the chain.

Also, please make sure that in device manager, the scanner is listed as FS4000US (scsi) and not FS4000US (usb).

I will try FilmGet tonight and let you know if it works. I just downloaded the trial version of Vuescan to evaluate.

Searching the web thru Google, most "transmission errors" were caused by incorrect termination or faulty cables. This still does not explain why Vuescan worked and FilmGet did not. :(

Talk with you soon,
Jeff Hunter

: Dear JeffMany thanks for your adviceThe IOMEGA board is a jaz pci ultra card. It is configurable for either SCSI 1 or 2 and I have configured it for SCSI 2I did uninstall the Canoscan through the device manager and also uninstalled the drivers with Canon's DelFxEx utility and switched the computer off. I then connected the SCSI cable, switched on the scanner and rebooted the PC.Windows goes through the found new hardware routine and installs the scanner and drivers.Still no success.I use photoshop 5.0When I start the import process I get a transmission error (0x000d0026)"could not complete the import command because there is no scanner installed"I have tried Vuescan and it works perfectly using the SCSI set up so I guess I'll not use Canon's FilmGet.Any further thoughts?RgdsGeorge: Is the IOMEGA card a SCSI-2 card or SCSI-1 ?: The FS4000 uses a SCSI-2 interface.: Also, Did you uninstall the scanner drivers, reboot, and reinstall after hooking up the SCSI cable?: Good Luck!: Jeff: : : It works ell with USB but I cannot get it to work with my IOMEGA SCSI card. Have tried changing ID numbers. I also have a HP6250 scanner connected on the same SCSI line (it works perfectly)through the FS4000. I have ensured different id's and also SCSI termination is at the HP scanner.Have also tried FS4000 exclusively on the SCSI port without success. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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