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   Posted by Gilles on 11/20/01 at 3:45 AM

Subject:   FilmGet future updates open question.

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A few weeks ago, I sent a mail to Canon to ask them if there will be soon an update of FilmGet about the following points :
- Add of save-to-file function.
- Improvement of the curve tool & histogram display.
- Tweaking controls in 16 bits instead of 8 bits mode.
- Eventually a multisampling function to reduce noise.
So far, I've got no reply from Canon. I'm quite disappointed because I expect to buy a new scanner next week. As I've got no reply, nothing to help to stop to worry about, and as there are too much reported defects here and there, I will probably look for Nikon ( I had a LS2000 before ).
I asked also Lasersoft if Silverfast will be available for the FS4000. They had contradictory replies : one person had a negative answer and another one told me "yes but not in a near future".



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