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   Posted by Nolan on 06/11/02 at 10:14 AM

Subject:   FS4000US scan speed and batch mode

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Hi! I'm in the process of evaluating various film scanners and it seems that (despite the various manufacturing defects some people have reported), the FS4000 is the one to go for.

I'm hoping that someone can provide me with a real-world estimate on how long it takes to actually go from putting the negatives into the scanner to having images ready to save to disk. It seems that you can get up to six negatives scanned in at once, so a time estimate per negative and for six negatives in total would be really useful. I'm trying to compare the times to an HP flatbed scanner I'm currently using.

Also, has there been any updates as to being able to use the FS4000 in a batch mode?

Thanks in advance.



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