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   Posted by Luca Salgarelli on 11/19/01 at 9:23 PM

Subject:   Re: FS4000: my experience

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In Reply to: Re: FS4000: my experience posted by Sean Tudor on 11/19/01 at 6:53 PM:

Hello Sean.

: Can you tell me if you experienced the bright lines using our included FilmGet software ?

I have not really used much FilmGet with it so I do not really have an extensive set of tests to reference with it. This is because I think that for slides (which is pretty much what I am using the FS4000 for right now), in my opinion the "long-exposure pass" option of Vuscan is a must to limit the shadow noise of the FS4000.

Besides, I use the scanner in Linux, so Vuescan is really my only option (hint to Canon: I don't think it would take that much to support their filmscanners under Linux, and I think they would widen instantaneously their user base... :-)

In the couple of quick tests I run with FilmGet though, I did not experience the problem.

Thanks a lot for your post: it is nice to (finally) see Canon representatives in public forums like this. I really appreciate this.

: For that matter if anyone who reads this has experienced the "bright line" phenomenon using FilmGet please let me know so that I can report it back to Canon Japan.

: Thanks,
: Sean Tudor

: CSCPO Division
: Canon Australia Pty Ltd.

: : Unfortunately even this unit shows the same problem, which makes me believe that there is some underlying design quality problem with the CCD. Luckily Ed Hamrick managed to "patch" the problem by having Vuescan perform a dark calibration, which corrects the problem.


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