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   Posted by Winfried W. Schwolgin on 06/08/02 at 11:53 AM

Subject:   Re: Canoscan FS4000US with NT and then XP

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In Reply to: Canoscan FS4000US with NT and then XP posted by Darren on 05/14/02 at 8:19 AM:

Hi Darren,

Canon doesn't supply any driver for NT. That's the bad news. The good news is: FS4000US is supported by vuescan on both plattforms. Have a look at http://www.hamrick.com.
Forget using this scanner with usb, because usb is too slow for this amount of data at 4000dpi. The ccd takes about 48 seconds to move across the slide. At 4000dpi and 42bit-colour the scanner sends about 130 MBytes of data to the system, too much for usb 1.1 (the scanner stops and waits until the data are sent), no problem with scsi.

: Hi,

: I am considering the purchase of the Canoscan FS4000US as I am impressed with the write ups. However, In my departmet we are currently using NT but will be using XP on our network within six months. I am concerned that the hardware will not work as well with XP as with NT.

: Thanks,

: Darren.


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