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   Posted by Param Hariharan on 05/06/02 at 10:05 PM

Subject:   Re: File Profile w/Vuescan for FS4000, Picture Window?

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In Reply to: File Profile w/Vuescan for FS4000, Picture Window? posted by Jorge Ituarte on 04/27/02 at 8:49 PM:

As far as I know you cannot use a custom profile when you scan with vuescan. When you scan with filmget you can use the scanner profile provided by pwpro (canon4000.icc). The working color space should be set as sRGB. It also helps to color profile your monitor. Different options include optical/photocal with spyder and gerg macbeth. You will get more accurate colors with slide than negative film. Also colors are more accurate with vuescan. The latest version of vuescan does a decent job with infrared cleaning, which was a problem with the earlier versions and this scanner (but filmget still probably does a better job). I hope this answers your questions.

Param Hariharan.

What file profile should I use in Vuescan for use with FS4000 and Picture Window?. When I use the Adobe color space the colors seen to be way off. FilmGet colors with or with out the Picture Window ICC Profile seem way off also. The FS4000 is my second film scanner and I have always had trouble with obtaining accurate colors with film. I use mostly Supra 100, Konica Impressa 50, and Supra 400, 800. I have never been able to establish a workflow that will give me the results I expect. I'm just being honest with myself. I have reached a point where I am very frustrated with the film scanner scenario. I recently purchased a digital point and shoot for my wife the image quality is mediocre but the colors are beautiful and right on. Norman, could you help?. Thanks


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