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   Posted by Victor Wood on 04/16/02 at 6:31 PM

Subject:   Re: Pesky Installation Problem & Broadway Photo

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In Reply to: Re: Pesky Installation Problem & Broadway Photo posted by Larry Gebhardt on 01/19/02 at 10:59 AM:

I got my scanner today, and I had the same problem that Windows selected Spanish as the drivers language (CD Version 1.02).

Installing English however is easy. Go to the Windows hardware manager and delete the scanner. Remove the USB cable (if used). Now reconnect the cable and the Right click on the systems icon and scan for new hardware. Wait for the new hardware detected alert.

Follow the installation process, but dont select search cd, but select choose location. Browse to the CD and select the directory Filmget\English and here selct the *.inf file.

Carry on with the installation. as normal. Worked for me. This is from memory and there may be errors in the detail, but the basics are correct!

As far as I can tell, the initial language selection is NOT for the scanner driver, but the application software. I killed this program when it auto started as it locked the CD. Selecting English when it restarted installed english versions of all the programs on my system.

I dont think you had a grey import, I think its a bug in the install program.

My version was bought in Germany and came with German and Italian on 1 cd (Version 1.01) and English French and Spanish on the 2nd (Version 1.02).

Hope this helps



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