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   Posted by Param Hariharan on 04/13/02 at 2:14 PM

Subject:   Re: downloading new Canon Filmget 1.03

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In Reply to: downloading new Canon Filmget 1.03 posted by Steve on 04/11/02 at 6:22 PM:


First you need to download the uninstaller for filmget 1.02. Then uninstall filmget 1.02. The easiest way to do it is to save it to your desktop and double click on the uninstaller once you have downloaded it. This uninstalls the version 1.02. Then you should download filmget 1.03 and save to some place you can find it (example C:\mydocuments). Then unzip filmget 1.03 to C:\fs. Make sure your scanner is on and then restart your computer. When you restart your computer the screen will say new hardware found and it will search for driver. At that time say manual search and point towards C:\fs and click. This should do the install. Hope this is helpful.


I have been unable to download the latest version of Filmget. I have followed the directions and everything appears to go smoothly. However my Add New Hardware Wizard is not able to find the software. If it helps, my scanner is connected to a USB port and I have Windows ME. I have not experienced difficulties installing the previous version 1.02 with the disk included with the scanner. I am hoping that the latest version will allow me to eject without recalibrating. It would be nice to know about the advantages of the most recent version. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Steve


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