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   Posted by Rather Not Say on 04/09/02 at 7:21 AM

Subject:   How to get action out of Canon

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Do you have a problem with your Canon Product and want action? Here is what you do.

If you own a piece of Camera equipment (including the FS4000). Call corporate HQ in NY. Their number is 516-328-5000. Don't ask for the Presdient. Ask to speak to someone in the Camera Division concening general camera equipment. If you start off half cocked you will get shuffled around.

You can call Customer Relations. However, the Camera division has more power. Customer Relations for Cameras is 757-222-9002.

For other products it is 757-222-9000. If you own a printer, scanner or like item you might get some satisfaction from CR. They are able to assist with products like these. Especially if you have an older C2500, or a BJC-5000 or 5100. In the case of the C2500. ALl you need to do is complain. With the BJC-5000 and 5100. Complain about the unit not working with XP.

Hope this helps!!!!


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