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   Posted by Jack on 04/07/02 at 8:55 PM

Subject:   Re: scanning b&w negatives

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In Reply to: Re: scanning b&w negatives posted by Larry Gebhardt on 03/03/02 at 4:15 PM:

: : I have just purchased the Canoscan 4000. I have been scanning black & white negs and printing on an Epson 1280. All my prints have a green cast to them. Does anyone have any tips on how to remedy this. Thanks.

: This is a result of the Epson printer printing black and white using color inks. You can profile your printer and the cast may go away, though on mine it just shifted twords red. You can also use only black ink to print, though the detail will not be as good as using all the colors. If you use black ink only, make sure you print at 2880.

: I'll have to take exception to the previous post as to the green cast being a result of using color inks. The real culprit is the Epson paper. If you use Heavy Weight Matte, you will get get greenish casts in the areas where the negative is thin; the cast will be towards magenta if you use Glossy (Premium, or whatever). This will occur whether you print with color inks OR just the B/W cartridge.


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