Sangath complex, the architectural offices where I worked.", "right", 500); drawpicture ("photo_gujurat3.jpg", "The play of light and shadow on the tiles was quite beautiful. Doshi whimsically encoded various pictures into the tiles -- a smiling face, a reclining woman, a dancing Ganesh -- some of which took me months to find.", "bottom", 500); drawpicture ("photo_gujurat4.jpg", "Scaffolding inside the vast auditorium of an IMAX theater I was working on in Ghandinagar.", "bottom", 500); drawpicture ("photo_gujurat5.jpg", "There were several families of groundskeepers that lived at Sangath itself. This is one of their younger members. As much as I enjoyed the architecture of India, I found its people to be the real works of art.", "bottom", 500); drawpicture ("photo_gujurat6.jpg", "Palitana is a mountain in the Saurashtra region of Gujurat, topped by 863 Jain temples. There are almost 4,000 steps on the marble staircase which leads up the mountain. Here, two pilgrims return from paying their respect to the temples.", "left", 500); drawpicture ("photo_gujurat7.jpg", "Inside the temple complex, there are thousands upon thousands of shrines, all carved out of marble and other stones. The site has been under construction for about 10 centuries.", "right", 500); drawpicture ("photo_gujurat8.jpg", "A boy cleans the peak of a temple, while it catches the last light of the day.", "bottom", 500); drawpicture ("photo_gujurat9.jpg", "Where there are thousands of stone shrines, there are tens of thousands of voluptuous, cavorting, heavily-armed stone women. The thing in the hand of the woman on the left is not, in fact, a hand grenade. It's a sita fruit, which can be found on push-carts throughout Gujurat in the late fall. It tastes vaguely like a papaya, and does, in fact, look exactly like a hand grenade.", "left", 500); drawpicture ("photo_gujurat10.jpg", "But, as always, the abundance and magnificence of all the temples in India doesn't hold a candle to the wonderful goodness of its people. This is a construction worker in Ahmedabad, and his son.", "right", 500); backbutton ("photography.php"); ?>