House of Earth + Light, designed by Marwan Al-Sayed, is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It was choosen for the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt's National Design Triennial 2000. Because the house was still under construction at the time, these renderings were created to represent it. In addition to being exhibited at the museum in New York, these renderings have also appeared in the New York Times, Architectural Record, Dwell, and many other publications."); picture ("mccue2.jpg", "A highly unusual residence, the House of Earth + Light features 18\" thick cast-earth walls, with a translucent fabric roof seemingly floating above."); picture ("mccue3.jpg", "The rendered structures were composited seamlessly into landscape photographs of the actual site. Camelback Mountain can be seen in the background."); picture ("mccue4.jpg", "Capturing the subtleties of light and shadow beneath the translucent, glowing roof was not easy. Also, many of the furnishings were to be made of cast glass, causing unusual shadows and reflections to be thrown throughout the space."); picture ("mccue5.jpg", "Here a wall is faded out to reveal the interior, which is largely constructed out of glass partitions of varying opacity."); picture ("mccue6.jpg", "A diagramatic overhead view."); backbutton ("rendering.php"); ?>