model-making page. This project combined many very different programs, among them a community center and a cemetary. I physically separated those programmatic elements by this deep sloping channel (an \"axis of life and death\"), which also served to provide wheelchair access throughout the many-leveled site. Mirrors at the end of the channel served to visually extend the axis into infinity.", "right", 500); drawpicture ("drawing2.jpg", "The community center, as seen from the parking lot. Because the community was very impoverished, it was designed to be economically built with pre-cast concrete, requiring only five re-usable pieces of formwork. The curving roof panels were designed to reflect natural light into the spaces below, while preventing direct summer light from entering the building.", "left", 500); drawpicture ("drawing3.jpg", "Inside the community center. This large space could be broken into many different sub-spaces via a system of moveable partitions.", "right", 500); backbutton ("index.php"); ?>