Outlaws, Love-In, Detroit 1967
It was the "summer of love," 1967. Timothy Leary had become an overnight media sensation with his proclamation, "Tune in, turn on, drop out." The hippies had arrived, promising a revolution of peace, love, and spirituality. What we got was a costume party with drugs. It is little known, and even less significant, that the first event bearing the name "Love-In" took place in Detroit. All sorts of fringe groups, like the Outlaws morotcycle gang, showed up. Outwardly their values seemed opposite of the hippies.  But under the surface they weren't so different. Both groups appreciated good parties and getting stoned. The hippies viewed the Outlaws as heros because they were rebels and outsiders; they were not a part of the "straight" world they had grown up in and wanted out of. The Love-In ended with a riot-- nobody knew for sure what started it. But there were lots of flashing lights; lots of mounted policemen chasing lots of people. Chaos. It was the peak of what people today think of as the "sixties."

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